Andromeda Report – Gliese 832 C Expedition

Yu Li

1. The return of the Convoy and the forgotten core

Dear Sir and Madam,

Here I am back from the journey where I sacrificed my heart and half-accomplished my mission as the Gliese 832 C expedition convoy.

I was to accompany them to find their next frontier where they could find the better system that could perfectly function for their society and the over-populated planet. But something made this mission unaccomplishable and I had to return, with dysfunctional parts of the body components infected, and having lost of part of the precious data that had needed to be protected.

2. The evolved species

Andromeda species have a core organ, a component used to store a high concentration of intelligence and the common knowledge of the species. It’s a shared source that every individual can access to instantly exchange knowledge. Decision-making is also generated though this part of the organ while connected with external information and other useful resources. Since this part of the organ is able to absorb human emotion and information, during the period on Earth, these two parts are fused together, and can’t be separated. And during the transition through Drake Passage wormhole, data transferring could not be accomplished, and the core was broken, meaning that some part of our Andromeda galaxy civilisation’s knowledge has been also left behind in that ship.

3. Inspection of Planet Earth

To start the story, let me provide a small description of the situation of Planet Earth.

Planet Earth is a small-sized planet in the solar system located in the Milky Way Galaxy. This planet is 780 kiloparsecs away from our Andromeda Galaxy.

After several eras of industrialisation and over-exploitation of the planetary resource, the species on this planet, “humans”, are facing a crucial moment in which they need to change the social system in order to survive and continue the expansion of the species.

The planet is facing over-exploitation of resources, and facing a fundamental shift away from the religious era that has influenced and disillusioned this species for thousands of years. This religious system is starting to reach a point where the system of faith and morality is challenged by the development of science and technology. This has resulted in wars and insoluble conflict occurring in different continents, and conflict between religious groups and these who are well advanced in scientific knowledge and value. The world is not the same as 2000 years ago when few scientific pioneers started observing the universe and were surrounded by a solid religious environment. In opposition, a small number of religious people are struggling to maintain their territory and their importance in the social scene, and this causes some regional crises and turmoil.

The society is facing a crossroads and a major decision to be made at individual, national and planetary level. It’s an era in which the world is morphing from fog and innocence to an era of enlightenment through science and knowledge which will make it possible for the whole human civilisation to expand creatively and efficiently to a meaningful stage. What is needed is a way to ensure that science and technology are steadily integrated inside the society, and their beliefs are upgraded accordingly.

They are starting to have full consciousness of such a situation, and they are trying to find the way to achieve the ultimate freedom where sustainable civilisation development and planetary expansion can happen.

4. The contact of Gliese 832 C

At this crucial moment, however, a great scientific discovery shocked the whole world when a new planet was discovered, Gliese 832 C, home to a highly developed civilisation which has built its own sustainable energy supporting system (similar to a Dyson sphere), by harvesting energy from the stars to provide its growth.

The planetary space agency EPSA has announced that this new planetary system is 99.8% similar to the original Planet Earth. After this shocking news, all the industrial and federations are competing in a space race in order to have first contact with that planet.

5. Awaken spirit

Here I quote the Galactica survival law No. F42S , which was advised by Mr. Wolfgang Freeman Dyson in 3025.

This law says: Every intelligent species has to learn how to collaborate together with others as best they can, to achieve the level which is called Ulysse Entropy, a point where the synergy could bring this intelligent species to another level and rebuild the faith system, that could bring the whole species to another level of civilisation.

A secret meeting has been organised by several organisations and enterprises, such as the Planetary Disaster and Monitoring centre, Extraterrestrial Defence Agency, Future-us (a planetary think tank that acts as an idea generation machine to provide counsel and advice for the different country governors), Planetary Lab (an institution that gathers all the scientists and engineers to do research on the next space frontier, including society study, anthropology, astrobiology, astrophysicists…etc. The research centre is based on the research network that CERN established in the 20th century, but the equipment has been largely modified and updated). In the middle of Himalaya mountains, after a long discussion with all the participants, they made the decision to pursue a secret mission.

6. Gliese 832 C Expedition

A secret intergalactic expeditionary mission comprised by a group of scientists, visionaries and engineers has been sent to Gliese 832 C, in order to make contact with the intelligent species there and learn from them a new way of organising human society and how to achieve sustainable resources and energy consumption.

The Gliese 832 C Expedition was sent from Planet Earth in 2035 by the Planetary Development Agency, a fusion of several pre-national space agencies from different countries with a common objective.

This mission was intended to fly to the Gliese 832 C, a newly discovered planet with an intelligent species with whom the PDA have successfully communicated. Gliese 832 is a planet where all activity is based on a distributed intelligence system in which every individual organises themselves and is fully conscious of what they are doing.

This planet offers an opportunity for the expedition members to learn how the populated society organises itself and collaborates to develop their society, and to bring this knowledge back to Planet Earth to help it find ways to sustain human society there.

I’m the civilisation intelligence convoy. I’m to accompany them for this mission, in order to ensure there are no dangerous happenings. This is my last mission, and I will return from their planet to solve the key problems that keep human civilisation stuck in this era.

My last mission includes encoding and backing up all the science and technology developed and involved in that civilisation’s history, and transferring it to the next shell I will adapt in the future. I will pass through a tunnel and do the quantum leap to another civilisation, I will follow the Galactica map which is already embedded inside my system.

7. The Mysterious Romantic journey

During the mission, I fell in love with the Co-Captain. He convinced me to take hm with me to the Andromeda Galaxy. I agreed.

Our path towards Gliese 832 C was changed and redirected to the direction of Andromeda.

During our journey passing the border of Milky Way Galaxy, something happened on the ship. I’m disrupted by certain inexplicable events.

8. The virus

A discussion with my personal doctor tells me of shocking events: during the era in which I stayed on Earth with the shell of human, I was infected by several unknown human “viruses” which could cause the core dysfunction, threatening the loss of our own civilisation data.

Diagnostic results:

Since Human is an intelligent creature which is highly developed, this effect could transfer through biochemical contacts. That because part of my system is not fully functioning, some syndrome including the growing emotional capacity, which human called “love”.

9. Disclosed hitchhiker

A few days later, during the transition in the wormhole while I’m uploading all the data, I discover that the co-captain has a suspicious background, suggesting that he is a representative of an ancient religious group that has been sent to destroy this ship and change its mission, a person who is technologically enhanced and able to transfer their own consciousness and mind to the intended target.

Underneath his gorgeous human shell, this shocking fact requires me to make a decision.

When I dig further into the situation, it becomes worse, I find the other seven pilots have also been infected by him, most of them are in a critical state. I need to make a decision…

10. Decision making

But time is too late, I have to leave, the quantum leap consumes a lot of energy. The only way is to destroy the infected co-captains, but without these captains, the ship won’t able to go its final destination. The only solution is to freeze the whole ship and all the crew, and then go back to the ship one day and bring them back. I decide to sacrifice my heart and part of the organ which has been infected by the virus. I kill the Co-Captain and keep the hundreds of crew on board… frozen, and don’t know when there will be a chance to awaken them again.

I am ready to do the quantum leap, and the ship is frozen in the wormhole…

11. The speech

Here I am, I successfully leapt to Andromeda! I’m alive. Now, I have to report the event and I will apply to go back to that wormhole to release my ship’s crew and continue this journey.

I want your full support and the right to command a 1000 ship convoy in order to pass through that Drake Passage and bring them back.


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