Towards a possible manifesto; proposing Arabfuturism(s)

Sulaiman Majali

"In hypernational ecstasy-"

"What about starting with where it’s come from, something like that? -"

"-But they’ve called it a swarm, an influx-"

"There is something happening in Europe."

"We are distinctly distant from the mythologies of nationhood and home-"

"Stand up and step back."

"-What do we have"

"-The nation is dead, it is a citadel of illusion that has collapsed; pour me a drink and let us drink of its ruins. -"

"The nation is dead-"

"-Arabfuturism exponentially expands on discourse surrounding -"

"-Arabfuturism is accelerating the transformation of representation; beyond the logic of the state."

"-Surrounding the policing, observation and censoring of brown minds-"

"-...Indefinable in the emergence of an autonomous hybrid sedimentation of identities that is dismantling the boundaries and expanding the borderzones between constructs of culture and civilisation that have assembled a contrived European identity in opposition to an historic Other."


"Something about re-examining history?"

"-Arabfuturism is a re-examination and interrogation of narratives that surround oceans of historical fiction. It bulldozes cultural nostalgias that prop up a dubious political paralysis and works to solidify and progress a progressive force, towards being subjects and not objects of history"



"If the ultimate hegemonic power is the power to define and not the power to conquer; the map, the straight line, legitimacy and authenticity are questions that flutter between the virtualities and actualities of adopted identities."

"What are we proposing?"

"Arabfuturism is an impetus that seeks to accelerate the annihilation of the ideological apartheidic walls, whose delusional hallucinations make us cower in fear at the deafening loudness of our indifference; whilst we dance to the silence of our differences."

"A continuous motion"



"- delusional hallucinations make us cower in fear at the deafening loudness of our indifference (whilst we dance to the silence of our differences.)"

"But there is something happening in Europe,-"

"Arabfuturism conceives instead, an origin in imagined space, towards the abyss of an imagined future"

"-Dancing on the ruins of the post-orientalist stage; in the desert of the unreal; high on the opulence of emptiness."

"- Violent births of countries; the expansions and contractions, the demise and deaths, -"

"-the demise and deaths of nations."

"The nation is dead-"

"-Something is happening in Europe-"

"-It is a citadel of illusion that has collapsed."

"-The internet as a public square,-"

"Arabfuturism celebrates the temporalities of our collaborative genealogies-"


"Present tense. Mourns the immortality of our insular mythologies of selfhood."

"-an emergent cultural aesthetic; accelerating the transformation of representation;-"

"-beyond the logic of the state."

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