My Friend is Not Free

Tyng-Ruey Chuang

Most of the time it came down to emotion. It was anger, frustration, exhaustion, feeling alone, confusion, and wanting to escape it all. You wished there would be hope. But it was hopeless. It was endless. It didn’t get through. You were talking the same thing over again. You were back to face the same wall. You talked to many people: new people, different people, the same people. They didn’t understand! You were looping in angst. There was no way to stop.

You were there. You have been there. You are standing here but you are still there as the emotion is here is there is everywhere.

Getting to freedom is not cost free. My friend it is not free. MY FRIEND IS NOT FREE.

很多時候這是情緒。憤怒、挫折、極度疲憊、孤單、困惑、想要逃避這一切。你 期盼著希望。但全然無望。沒有止境。過不去。同樣的事情,你講了又講。再度 面壁。你跟許多人講過:新見面的人、不同的人、同樣的人。他們不懂!你在焦 慮中打轉。停不下來。

你曾到過那裡。你一直在那裡。你現站在這裡,但你還處於那裡,在這裡在那裡 在在是情緒。

要得自由並非不需代價。我的朋友自由並非不需代價。我的朋友不得自由,付出 了代價。

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