Rebuild Asad Al-Lat

Georges Dahdouh

Watching the news in Syria, bloodshed and destruction everywhere, we have mixed feelings, fear for our parents and friends in the country facing all these atrocities, and there’s nothing that we can do. The scene of an ISIS member destroying Asad Al-Lat statue with a hammer triggered it all, the statue of a lion protecting a deer, with an ancient script on its left leg, saying that bloodshed is prohibited.

We can fight this particular crime, a crime against humanity, because what they destroyed in Palmyra besides many other areas, is the world’s heritage. They want these statues, this heritage, to disappear forever, but we will make the memory of these statues reach every corner in the world: this is how this project aims to resist destruction and ignorance.

We will provide open source 3D models of as much as we can of the Syrian statues, focusing on those that have been destroyed, so anyone worldwide can download, 3D print or use them in their applications, and eventually make an online museum to exhibit these 3D replicas. This project cannot compensate for the loss of those priceless masterpieces, but at least we can still keep them in the memories of successive generations.

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